The most relaxing and experience ever !
Cucumber/ Tropical Citrus Hot stone, Paraffin Wax Essential oil Massage and more Secret things is only for you !!!

Includes foot massage followed with 25 minutes
shoulder massage , paraffin wax for hands and hot towels



We invite you to soak your feet into a warm bath with freshly cut slices of tropical cucumber, exfoliating away rough skin with a fruit-blended sugar scrub and wrapping your feet in freshly cut cucumber slices.
Feet are softened in warm bath of ginger,lemon,cucumber,soap flower. Exfoliate away tough calluses and smooth away rough and dry skin with our scents scrub. Service includes hot towel wrapped massage with hot stone,paraffin wax. This is truly a sweet & refreshing retreat for your feet.



(Foot massage followed with 10 minutes shoulder massage and hot towels.) Relax in a warm soak while inhaling essential oils. Service includes, nail shaping, cuticle grooming, exfoliation, callus remover, Collagen Bubble-Crystals ,Collagen Sugar Cane Scrub,Collagen Cream Mask ,Collagen Muscle-Relaxing Gel ,Collagen Massage Lotion, and Collagen Serum Lotion is gift for you take to home.Enjoy the relaxation of a organic collagen pedicures as well as an intensive foot and leg hot stone massage. Finished with polish of your choice; including hybrid lacquers.



Foot massage followed with 15 minutes shoulder massage, paraffin for hands and hot towels
Ginger can help reduce breakouts by cleansing pores and drawing toxins out of skin. It is helpful in decreasing inflammation from a recent breakout or healing scar. Ginger also has antifungal properties and is a natural way to treat athlete’s foot. This service includes: Fresh ginger,lemon,orange,soap flower,candel,aromatic foot soak, natural nail care, intensive callus and heel treatment, ginger herb, real honey with sugar scrub, honey for radiant skin, moisturizer mask with hot towel, paraffin wax, hot stone massage with oil, extended massage cream, pure shea butter, and base coat, polish, top coat.



Relax in our massage chairs and soak your feet and get pampered. Service includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming, lotion massage, and finished with a polish of your choice.



Includes basic pedicure plus sugar crub,mask,massage with lotion,hot towels and callus removal.



We have 4 smells for you choose
Deluxe spa pedicure comes in four different scents. You may choose one of the following: sweet citrit, matcha honey, cherry bloom & lavender. This spa comes with soak in warm water and sea spa. Cuticle work and callus treatment are done with exfoliation scrub in sugar. Finished off with foot mask, hot towel, and hot stone massage. This treatment will penetrate deeply into the muscles, melting away layer of tension and stress.



7 smells to choose
Treat your feet to an innovative Signature Pedicure! Having your feet bathe in a real tropical fruit soak with its natural acid, peeling away dull and dry skin. This will include a citrus exfoliation, botanical mask, hot towels and paraffin Treatment. A massage will be the final touch to boost radiance and roll back the clock.

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